5 Healthy Habits that are Actually Bad for You

By Christopher Moronta ’22

People, over the years, have created habits or ways of doing things that are thought to be healthy for daily life. Research has shown that many of these healthy habits are in fact bad for you. Here are some habits that are actually bad for you.

1.) Eating late

Many people may get home from work or school and decide to eat dinner when it is already past 8:00. This habit causes people to eat and then immediately go to sleep. By doing eating late, your body is not using the energy that you consumed and by not burning the calories you are actually gaining weight. So many people fall into this trap thinking it would be better for them to eat a late meal because your body will need the nutrients but in reality it is only a worse way to eat than not eating at all.

2.) Catching up on sleep

Many of us have had long weeks where we’re barely get any sleep at all. So for many of us the best option is to sleep longer on the weekends to make up for the sleep we lose during the week. Studies have shown that this behavior actually makes people lazier during the week. Being lazy their body doesn’t function correctly, and it is harder to get work done and concentrate.

3.) Being overly clean

There is nothing wrong with being a clean person. Overall this means that you are concerned about your health and are hygienically aware of what’s good for you. But being too clean can be a problem. Being overly clean can cause your body to catch allergies. Your body will be used to a clean environment and when faced with a attack from an illness won’t have the defenses to fight against the illness and soon be vulnerable to getting sick.

4.) Waking yourself up with an alarm

We all have to be somewhere in the morning. We decide the best option is an alarm. Although the alarm does help you wake up, it causes you to be more stressful. Sudden sounds or noises can alert the body in different ways and many times these sudden sounds can lead to heart attacks.

5.) Using Q-Tips

We often are bothered by the ear wax in our ears that is found by human nature to be dirty. So we use these things called Q-Tip swabs to clean out our ears. But by shoving a cotton ball into the ear canal the wax is only being pushed further in and then will block your ear drums, stopping your hearing. Ear wax actually is good for us as it doesn’t let objects come into our ears and replenishes our ears.

Out of the many habits human nature has developed over the years some that are thought to be good are actually bad for us. We need to become more aware of what we think is healthy because soon we won’t know the difference. We should start thinking about the choices we make and how we can make ourselves better everyday.