A Meeting with the Heart of AM Salesian

By Christopher Piacentile ’19

The spread of information through media is the most important aspect in our modern-day society. A.M. Salesian is that one media source, that allows students to have the opportunity to receive information from events outside and inside of school. It also provides a wonderful opportunity for those who seek a learning experience in communications, media or public broadcasting. In such, being in a communications media network does have its perks; however, accidents do occur. These accidents could range from an simple “choke-up” during the pledge of allegiance to a major mishap with the broadcasting systems. However, this does not hinder A.M. Salesian from accomplishing its main goal of creating a better informed student body.

Below is an exclusive interview I had with Mr. Kevin Dwyer, where we discuss overall basis and progression of A.M. Salesian.


What direction is A. M. Salesian headed?

Mr. Dwyer

Currently A.M. Salesian is in its experimental phase for the first and second quarters. Reason being is that we are trying out different types of skits that we think would be appealing to the student body. After the second quarter, it will be determined from there what direction A.M. Salesian will be going and what the rhythm will be set as.  


What is your major role in A.M. Salesian?


I am the Chief Director of A.M. Salesian and my main role is to coordinate broadcasting. However; I also receive and implement music and announcements that are brought in to me every morning.


Most announcements that get received, are usually about club events but, the music selection is usually requested from students.  


What happen with the notorious “I Am Legend” incident?

Mr. Dwyer

It was a simple mix up between the instrumental and the explicit versions of the song. Both versions had the same cover in its video but was labeled in different colors; one red and one blue. I obviously chose the wrong color.  [a slight pause of regret] I would like to point out though, that mistakes do happen and in the future I will do my best not to repeat that same mistake.


A.M. Salesian is an professional communications media network and does not condone any vulgar or explicit content. Its purpose is to stream educational media and important announcements throughout the student body. Even though this is Mr. Dwyer’s first year as Chief Director of A.M. Salesian, he has many ideas to make A.M. Salesian fun and exciting than ever before in previous years.



Last question before I end the interview. Does A.M. Salesian improve your resume for Colleges?

Mr. Dwyer

A.M. Salesian does improve your resume, as it works as a internship program for those interested in communications and media.


This exclusive interview with Mr. Dwyer was not only very enthralling but informative on the future planning of A.M. Salesian. In a way, A.M. Salesian can provide a significant amount of experience to those who are interested in working with media or broadcasting. It is also a great way to improve a student’s resume if they are ever interested in applying for a college focused on communications and media. Schools that focus on this certain interest spans to: Cornell University, Syracuse University,  Fordham University, Marist College, Iona College, SUNY Oswego College and many more throughout the state. A.M. Salesian is simply keeping the student body informed on events outside and inside of school, while creating a entertaining and energetic atmosphere at the same time during the mornings.

With Mr. Dwyer’s leadership and determination and the hard work put in from the student crew involved in A.M Salesian, there is going to be a high chance that A.M. Salesian will have a  productive and exciting school year. Despite its lack of size and equipment compared to other broadcasting networks, A.M. Salesian has a profound impact on this school, and if you do not agree, at least take into consideration the hardwork and effort many students in A.M. Salesian try to do. In the end, what we want is to make your day a little less boring and a bit more exciting.