The Rise and Fall of “the King of Salesian”

By Armando Gimenez ‘22

As with every great story, there is a beginning. To some this tale is just a legend, the myth of the great artist that would change Salesian High, but to most this tale is the history of our king that lowered himself to walk amongst us mortals. Just as the new freshman class of 2019 entered into the school, where the light was at its weakest, a beacon of hope would come to free us from despair with his excellent stories of love and pain, accompanied with his breathtaking visuals. That shimmering light in darkness, successor to Bro. Branden J. Gordon, SDB, and the lamb of the Meme Lords, was Watson Jones, and this is his story. 

Watson began his year just as any other student, until he was given the chance to break the chains of despair through A.M Salesian. Just as Jesus Christ was hidden among the Jews, Watson laid hidden within us blind masses. The world would begin to change when Watson’s first video was released. This one video would bring smiles to the faces of children and bring tears to men. 

Watson was a being of pure genius that could not fit within any earthly boundaries or genres. His masterpieces ranged from his holiness appearing as himself to his stick figures, constructed just as beautifully as God made woman from ribs and clay. In less than a year, he had become the King we needed but did not deserve, but every rise has their inevitable fall. 

In one of the most tragic moments of human history, the great tales of Watson Jones were erased from our lives. Due to tragic circumstances, Watson is unable to create anymore of his scholarly work, once a King, now a mortal. His image has only become more powerful and significant through his death and legacy. As we move away from the past, it is always important to respect those who have taught us out of the joy in our hearts. Some of his most iconic moments were his destruction of the world with his cosmic powers and the creation of the stick figure that rival God’s creation of humans. Watson has now become the Savior that laid down his love of the arts for us. He has cleansed us of the despair that has haunted us for years. You can spot our humble savior walking along the halls, and remember to bow with the utmost respect and love.