IOS 13 Update Review

Timothy Nguyen ’23

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Many tech fanatics believe that the iPhones still do not compare to other phones in specific areas, even after the major iOS 13 update. Nevertheless, they cannot deny the fact the iOS 13 update improved the iPhones immensely. The iOS 13 update has brought many new features and improvements to all of the existing iPhones except for those that preceded the iPhone 6. This major update has made all Apple products, once again, top-notch.

During the update, Apple has added the very much requested ‘‘Dark Mode,” which allows for certain apps and your wallpaper to have a dark color scheme. You can also schedule times for when the Dark Mode will be on or off. Because the Dark Mode enables a dark color scheme in multiple applications, “it will lower your battery usage and is easier on the eyes” says tech reviewer Filip Konroy, owner of the Youtube Channel everythingapplepro.

Another major thing implemented in the iOS 13 update was the ability to edit your photos and videos. After choosing one of the many options of taking a photo or just taking a video, you can now add filters, and adjust the lighting and color of the video or photo. Apple has also changed the way they organized photos in the Photos app. You can now access your pictures in a certain time period a lot easier with buttons that categorize your photos from days to years in which it was taken. You can now assign people in your photos with their birthdays, which will allow for all pictures with them in it to be highlighted on their birthday. With these major improvements to the camera and photos app for iPhones, I believe that they can now put up a fight with the Google pixel in terms of taking and organizing pictures. 

Apple has also increased the security and privacy of its consumers in the IOS 13 update. They have now given you the option to give apps or websites permission to access your location in the settings. To ensure that you did not accidentally give an app permission to your location, you will receive a notification when an app is using your location. They have also added an option where you can hide or share your email with websites or games. This feature allows you to hide your personal things in your email by allowing Apple to sign in to the website with an email that they created. Then, the email that Apple used in the website or game would forward anything to your personal email.

Overall, the IOS 13 update is one of the most important updates to apple tech in years. The dark mode, ability to edit photos and videos, and the increase of security and privacy are only some of the things implemented during the update. If you would like to see the many other minor improvements including the implications of shortcuts, and improvements in Carplay, maps, iMessages, and Siri, then be sure to check out apple’s website at