Spirit Week Success an Improvement to School Life

Armando Gimenez ’22

With the school year coming to its halfway point, we take the time to look back on one of the most exciting events of the year for the school community as we celebrate the oratory of Don Bosco. During the last week of January, we got to take a break from our routine and enjoy our school’s culture. After our grueling midterms, we, the students, had Spirit Week to relax our minds and express our passion for the Salesian community. Image result for spirit week

As many people can attest, the different dress-down themes throughout the week caused great joy and comfort for the students. The fact that the students had the opportunity to ease back into the school grind made the week more eventful and interesting. It was always quite amusing to see the different costumes that people had during the “50’s/60’s Day” and the story that certain people had for their specific jerseys on “Jersey Day.” The costumes and dress downs were a definite win for the Student Council since it allowed the masses to relax and feel at ease while returning to their daily schedules. 

But with this success, the ideas also faced resistance from some students who wanted to expand beyond the guidelines for what constituted the dress down. Some felt that it was unfair for the students who put their own twist on the themes, due to the mass amount of students who put little to no care in their outfits. For the future an update on the themes, something new, rouge, and exciting might challenge the students and cause a more provocative experience for everyone. Despite the dress down resistance, overall, the dress down made our week better and the transition into the third quarter easier.   

Spirit Weeks success in the costumes, themes, and events was enormous considering the difficulty that comes with altering a school tradition from the familiarity of the old spirit week with the newness spirit week with the house system. One challenge the program faces is confusion and disinterest in the house system. However the house leaders, especially Mr. Federico, Ms. Blandino, Mr. Celzo, and Mr. Bruno, are doing a great job spreading hype and enthusiasm to help shift the school culture and attitude. Next year, we look forward to an even better spirit week where none of the students at the school will forget events are occurring. In time, as the houses are more incorporated into daily lives the enthusiasm would increase, and the culture of the school will shift, providing a new avenues for connection between classes like never before.

Near the end of the week, our houses were put to the test with #EagleMania. EagleMania has always been one of the best parts of Spirit week since it provides everyone with a day to just have fun. Overall the house activities were a dramatic improvement from last year, and the Faculty v.s Seniors Volleyball game was an extra success. The moment that probably made the day, maybe even the week, was Mr. Rago’s infamous dive that would save the game. Though the tactic may not have won a point for the faculty, it is quite apparent that it brought inspiration to not only his teammates but the entire school. Without a doubt that one instance of glory, brought salvation to all that witnessed it. In all seriousness, the event was received well.

Finally, we reached Friday, where we received a celebratory Don Bosco mass, featuring a wonderful skit from the Youth Ministry. With the end of the week, we got to look back at the moments throughout the week that remind us of our incredible school community. After the mass, everyone would come to relax and prepare for the freedom that was the weekend, looking forward to the Monday after the Superbowl off as a reward for our successful charity drives of the fall. Before the students were dismissed, the Youth Ministry had one final message for us to be safe over the long weekend. The skit made for some iconic moments with the comical portrayals of the most popular faculty members. The skit was a capstone to a profound spirit week, in true Don Bosco fashion, and Mr. J and the Youth ministry were able to send us off to enjoy our half day while teaching us the importance of our school community.