What to expect from Apple in 2020?

Timothy Nguyen ’23

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During the last decade, Apple has made many new innovations to their tech. From iPhones all the way to their new line of MacBooks, they have been improved in all aspects. Looking back at the first iPhone, iPhone 2G, you would probably never have thought that phones, like the iPhone 11, would be coming in the future. There have been some very major changes to the line of apple iPhones such as the loss of a headphone jack and the home button, which were both discontinued after the release of the iPhone X.  Apple’s MacBooks have also drastically changed from when they were first released. The laptops now are incredibly thin and a lot more convenient to carry around than before. All in all, we can expect many great tech from Apple in the coming years. 

One of the major techs from Apple that is rumored to come out in 2020 is the iPhone 12. According to MacRumors, it is said that the iPhone 12 will be able to support the new 5G technology, unlike all of the previous phones that have been running on 4G LTE. This means that an iPhone 12 will be able to operate way faster than nearly all other previous phones as it is running on a faster internet connection. It is also rumored that the phone will be entirely wireless.

This means that you won’t be able to charge with a cable anymore and will need to charge it using a wireless charger. The idea that the iPhone 12 will be completely wireless has been very controversial. Many of Apple’s consumers are worried about what will come with the purchase of the phone. Because now that the phone will be completely wireless, many are worried that they may have to buy the additional products that usually come with the phone, such as the charger and the earbuds. But even so, it will be quite amazing to have a fully wireless experience with Apple’s iPhone 12.

In 2020, Apple’s phone line will also be expected to include the iPhone SE 2, also known as the iPhone 9. This phone is rumored to sell for $399, which is very cheap in comparison to the $699 that you will have to pay for an iPhone 11. To keep the price so low, the phone will only have one camera lens unlike the dual or triple-lens option in the iPhone 11. The iPhone SE 2 is also said to be an upgraded version of the iPhone 8. It will have a similar appearance to the iPhone 8, meaning it will also have the home button, which includes touch ID. The phone will also be operating on Apple’s own chip, the A13, which is also used in the iPhone 11. Overall, Apple’s phone line up will be getting a huge upgrade in 2020.

Another major tech to look forward to in 2020 is the new 13-inch MacBook pro. Unlike the previous MacBook pros that included the faulty butterfly switch keyboard, this new MacBook Pro will have the new scissor-switch keyboard. The scissor-switch keyboard gives a quiet typing experience and has been previously used on the 16 MacBook that was released on Nov. 15 of 2019. It has so far been working perfectly as there are no complaints from consumers about the keyboard so far. More about this new MacBook Pro will be talked about at Apple’s WWDC 2020 event in June.