A Message from the Editor-in-chief

10 April 2020 

Greetings Parents, Students, Faculty and Staff, 

On behalf of the Salesian Spectator, I would like to introduce a very special April Issue dedicated to you. Our writers were very keen and diligent in ensuring that this issue was to be published. It entails 8 features from the likes of Christian Padula ‘23, Matthew McKoy ‘22, Armando Gimenez ‘22, Salvatore Bonosia ‘22, Matthew Ventura ‘22, Christopher Moronta ‘22, Brendan Burne ‘22, Aaron Jiang ‘22, among others. These features highlight sports, student life, coping mechanisms, and coronavirus updates. I couldn’t be prouder of the effort and willingness that these fine gentlemen exemplified in the process of composing this April Issue during this time. 

The Spectator sends many blessings to our hardworking Faculty & Staff who have not only contributed to the April Issue, but have worked effortlessly to make this distance learning as effective as possible. Our prayers are with our Salesian Families at home and abroad, and we continue to keep those affected in our hearts. I hope you enjoy this special issue put together by the men of the Salesian Spectator, and we hope to see you soon! 

Warm Regards, 

Sherquan Dailey