Freshman Perspective on Distance Learning

Matthew Tirabasso ‘23

As the coronavirus epidemic emerges, the city of New Rochelle has been a national issue. The area has been highlighted on national television, and Governor Cuomo has sent the National Guard as well. As fear about the epidemic arises, schools in the New Rochelle area, including Salesian have closed. Schools in the New York City area have also closed in hopes to protect their students. As schools have closed, we have transitioned into distance learning. 

Personally, I approve of the school’s decision to pursue distance learning. This mechanism prevents our education from being compromised, all the while staying safe in the comfort of our homes. I believe that our health is most important, and doing this allows for the safety of everyone. I have always been more comfortable working at my own pace for school, and I am fond of working at home. Assignments are doable, and accommodating. Though working at home may include some distractions, nonetheless the environment is suitable for my productivity. I also find it convenient that we are able to reach out to our teachers and classmates with through Google Meets. With Google Meets, teachers are able to simulate the classroom setting, as if we were physically present.

Other freshmen students believe that distance learning provides them with various benefits. Freshman Matthew Koota says: “I think distance learning is much easier for students who know how to work with technology. It’s quicker and we are able to do the same amount of work we would be assigned in school”. Another freshman Joshua Martinez says: “My opinion based on distance learning is that it has been helpful. It has been helpful speaking to our teachers over Discord and Google Meets as they go through the work with us. We are able to communicate and work together as if we were in class. Also, the role of Google Classroom is to help get our assigned work done is a big help as well. It’s very organized where you know what work you need to get done and at what time and date that it is to be done by”. 

New Podcast Aims to Assist Faculty With Shift to Distance Learning

I believe that Salesian has been very organized and sufficient with the new distance learning methods. We are able to continue with our learning as if nothing happened. In conclusion, I, along with my fellow classmates, have been satisfied with the use of distance learning. As a school community, we hope that the scientist,and medical staff working on the virus will find a cure or vaccine in order to help those in need so that things can return to normal.