How to Spend your Time During Quarantine

Christopher Moronta ’22

About three weeks ago the United States issued a quarantine for families and other people to stay home with the rapid spread of COVID-19. Since then President Trump has announced an extension of the quarantine until April 30th. It is extremely important that people stay inside to not only stop the spread but also lower the risk of catching the coronavirus. However, as already two weeks have gone by and there is still almost a month left to go, many people are still wondering what to do while in their homes. It is easy to get bored with so much time on your hands. Here are a couple of suggestions to consider about what to do in isolation. 

Spend Time with Family

One of the most positive things this virus has brought us is the opportunity to be with, and spend more time with, our families. Many times we get caught up in our own lives, work, and study, and we tend to put it above everything else. With everyone at home this is an opportunity for families to connect and come together. Families can engage in family activities like playing games, watching movies, exercising, and eating meals together. It is so important that we spend time with our loved ones through this pandemic. By the end of this crisis we will truly appreciate the time that we have with others and learn not to waste it. 

Watch Movies and Shows

Before, with busy weeks and tight schedules, many people found no time to enjoy themselves. With everyone being so busy it seemed impossible to actually watch shows and enjoy the modern art of film. Under our current circumstances things are different. People have more time than before and can really find time to relax and enjoy their favorite shows. In regards to movies some releases are being delayed and won’t come out until later in the year such as highly anticipated Black Widow, No Time to Die, Mulan, and A Quiet Place Part 2. However some companies are taking the liberty of releasing new films to the comfort of our own homes such as Amazon. That being said, if there is nothing better to do, watch a movie and relax a bit as we stay safe in the comfort of our homes. 


Although the opportunity to go outside and workout is currently unavailable, it is still highly recommended to keep exercising while at home. The body needs some type of physical activity especially as most of our days are being spent home, lingering. There are many different types of home exercises that can be done at home. For people who have at-home equipment, they can workout with machines such as a treadmill, stationary bike, or free weights. Even without any home equipment there are still exercise routines you can use. There are online classes on Youtube that give instructions for different exercises such as yoga and zumba. You can try things on your own and work with common exercises like a certain set of push ups, sit ups, and other types of exercises too. The most important thing is to stay active and healthy during this time at home. Not only does your body need the exercise, but it can also help to boost your immune system as well. 

 Study and Read

Being a student, many times, is more than just hitting the books everyday. Many students have busy schedules and get back home late. Although school is a priority for some, many students can’t find the time to study. With school closed and online courses in session, students have more time to study. This is something all students should take into consideration and take advantage of. Apart from studies, a good educational basis can be found in reading books. Even if it doesn’t sound pleasurable, books can sometimes be really enjoyable and make time fly fast. It is essential to benefit from our extra time to study and engage our minds.


Regardless of your religion, prayer and spiritual practices are as important for the mind as it is for the soul. Religion is a powerful topic and must be taken very seriously. As Christians, oftentimes we don’t give God enough time in our lives. There is power through prayer, and we mustn’t wait until things are hard to turn to God for help. Faith gives us hope that everything will be okay, and that we can get through anything. 

COVID-19 has affected us heavily, and the repercussions will leave long lasting effects on our lives. We don’t have control when this will end, but we do have control of the time we spend during this pandemic. It is VITAL that we all stay at home during this crucial time. Quarantine is not a punishment, it serves as protection against the virus as well as protection towards others. Keep those in our Salesian Family who are working on the frontlines in your hearts. Pray for the homeless who do not have the finances to seek shelter or medical attention.