Some Hope in Difficult Times

Christopher Moronta ‘22

The COVID-19 pandemic has been going on for several months and we have already hit its peak. Millions of people have suffered from this illness whether they were directly impacted or have a loved one who was. Hospitals workers and government officials have been working continuously to stop or slow down the rate of the pandemic. With all the stress of self-isolation, illness, and quarantine, it seems hard not to get caught up in the negativity publicized by the media. However, there has been some good news over the past couple of weeks. We have seen more and more miracle recoveries. 

As of now the recovery rate has now risen to 70% and the death rate has dropped in the United States. There are countless stories of courageous and great people who fought for their lives and recovered. Here are some miracle stories of just ordinary people fighting the pandemic. 

Recently, a woman by the name of Blomberg recovered after several weeks in the hospital. As we know, when infected, one must stay in isolation refraining from contact with others, including family members. However, this was not the case for Blomberg. She like some, had to go through an intensive hospital care unit, which can be a terrifying experience. Blomberg’s symptoms worsened daily to the point she had to be put on a ventilator for nine days, leaving her in a medically induced coma. After two days she finally woke and recovered. Blomberg said that “It was a humbling experience in the hospital.” She was grateful for all those who helped and she truly believed that God had saved her. Many patients find the need to use a ventilator and although the consequences are rough this circumstance was truly a miracle. 

Although many have been infected some people are enduring different circumstances in their lives than others. This was the case for Karen Mannering who was six months pregnant with her fourth child. She said that she was experiencing a persistent cough and a fever, and one day it got worse. She was gasping for air and was immediately placed under oxygen. She was soon found to have tested positive for COVID-19. She had pneumonia in both of her lungs and was isolated in a hospital room for a week. Karen said, “I was fighting for every single breath. I was fighting for mine and my baby’s life.” Karen, like many, was scared of dying, but she pushed on fighting for herself and her baby. Karen soon got out of the hospital and began appreciating the little things in life. She is still recovering and her story shows how her persistence as a mother got her through tough times.

Stewart Boyle was a member of a choir where he is almost certain he was infected. After 10 days of being infected, the 64-year-old’s health declined. Being at an age where one is inevitably vulnerable to the point where they cannot fight off the virus, it seemed impossible for Stewart to recover. Stewart even said “There was a couple of hours where I was within a whisper of a very dark place.” Even though he sometimes felt his time was up, Stewart fought because he wanted to live. Stewart said “I could feel the battle in my lungs and it required all my reserves to get through it.” Stewart soon left the hospital. His condition became better, and he was in a state of making a full recovery. Due to the fact that there is no vaccine or medicine to kill the virus, survival solely depends on one’s own resilience.

These are just some of the brave people who recovered from COVID-19. These testimonies serve as examples for us. Each of them had to deal with their own personal issues, whether it was pregnancy, a coma, or old age. They were just ordinary people like us who were able to get through what could be argued as the most grueling time in their lives. 

COVID-19 has posed many obstacles for us. Social distancing has grown tiring. However, we must  make the most of our time and assist in the fight to stop this pandemic. We may not be doctors or government officials, but we still are people who can help by staying home and preventing the spread of COVID-19.