Cover Series Introductory Letter

Dear Salesian Community,

When I signed on as the Editor-in-Chief of the Salesian Spectator I knew I wanted to utilize this platform to showcase our Salesian Community. I wanted to provide a safe and effective platform in which the voices of our Salesian Community have the means and access to be heard. We are living in nonsensical times where a platform like this is needed to demand effective change in our society more than ever. 

The June cover series features writers, Daniel Singh ‘22 and Matthew McKoy ‘22, as they expounded upon the claim Racism Isn’t Getting Worse, It is Getting Filmed”. These men reflected immaculately about what it means to be an African American in 2020 in the eyes of a teenager. Both pieces share personal views on the topic as well as correlations to our current times. I admire how well our Salesian Community came together to support this student-led movement as our cover series features highlights from esteemed faculty members in the likes of  Ms. Blandino, Mr. Beal, Mr. Chisolm, Mr. Dwyer, among others. Change cannot occur overnight, however every peaceful step we take in emphasizing the importance of the Black Lives Matter Movement, and educating ourselves on the issue at hand, is a step in the right direction. 

Warm Regards,

Sherquan Dailey ’21