Summer Advice to Parents in Quarantine

Christopher Moronta ‘22

Quarantine has been tough for all of us. With the new norm many things have changed, and 

many things will not be the same. As a student, it is easy to understand the challenge, difficulties, 

and aggravation harvested by being at home everyday for months. As school is ending and summer is nearly here, many of our daily schedules will change again. For students, school was a big part in keeping the day going and keeping us occupied in the mornings. Now that summer has come, we need to find new ways to entertain ourselves and make the most of our time together. Parents may have the difficult task in finding ways to keep their teenagers and children entertained but it is important that they understand how to deal with times like these. 

Understand Each Other’s Feelings 

Everyone in your house may have different opinions and feelings about being kept in quarantine for such an extended time period. You may not know how your kids feel and how their social lives have changed. They cannot see their friends in person and they are limited to entertainment around the house which, for some families could be a problem. It is important to take these feelings into consideration and talk with your kids about how they feel and what they would like to do during the summer. By understanding what your kids want, you can plan out what you can do as a parent for them to make things easier. 

Engage Your Family in Fun Activities Together

With understanding how your kid feels about quarantine and knowing what they would like to 

do, you can now plan out activities for you and your family to engage in during the summer. 

Family time is very important, and quarantine has given us the blessing of having more time for it. Plan out activities in which you can have fun but also enjoy and learn from each 

other. My family has started to go bike riding over the past couple of weeks and it’s a fun 

experience that everyone enjoys. We try to make Sundays and Saturdays fun by hanging out in our backyard, watching a movie, and playing backyard games together. As you begin to try out 

new activities for your family you can start to develop a routine that you and your family 

can live out each week. 

Keep Your Kids Engaged and Active

Although Quarantine means staying inside your house, it is very important that you and your 

kids stay active during this time. You should try to plan walks or some type of exercise in which 

they can stay active. Most of our time at school was in front of a computer screen for several hours and this becomes a habit for most kids. Parents should try to give their kids 

opportunities to move away from the computer screen and do something thrilling to keep their brains and body going. 

Give Each Other Space and Some Privacy

With all of these activities and planned out schedules for you and your family, there is still one 

important thing to remember. You must give your kids space. As said in the beginning, many of your kids have different feelings about quarantine. Their social lives have changed since 

they cannot see anybody. That being said it’s important that your kids have some time to 

themselves so they can do what they love and deal with their feelings personally. Whether they 

call their friends or spend some time in their rooms everyone needs some space and privacy. This 

is probably one of the most important factors in keeping the summer fun and entertaining.