PS5 or Xbox Series X?

Nicholas Santiago-Massa ’24

Gaming industry only had so much, including Mario, Gameboy, Gameboy color, all the old stuff. A man by the name of Ken Kutaragi thought that the gaming industry needed a glow up. On December 3rd,1994, the first Playstation console was released making a monumental debut. 

“Fast Forward to 2001,”arguably” one of the worlds most successful companies in the world launched the Xbox console. Microsoft envisioned a new generation of gaming and had no hesitation to jump on the train of revolutionary advancement. The rival Playstation 2 console had already been out for a year at this time, and if Microsoft was going to build a better system, they would need to move fast. This period began the “War of Councils.” 

This war has been going on for years, not a physical war however but a war to decide what’s better, with This war of wills between the best consoles in the gaming industry has been going on for years. This war of wills between the best consoles in the gaming industry has been going on for years. There is essentially no fact that determines which console is better because it is strictly based on the preference of the audience. Last year our theories became a reality when the  flagship Xbox and Playstation consoles were announced. They were to be the new face of the gaming community.  Improvements in graphics,  frames per second,and accessibility to name a few across the board.


The PS5 (Playstation 5) ranges from $500-$700 dollars depending on where you get them. Currently its popularity has deemed it nearly impossible to find so strategically,  resellers are selling them for an increased profit, and consumers are eager to oblige. . The PS5 itself has out performed the expectation of gaming in 2020, as it is comparable to the quality of gaming computers worth $1,000.  With more games  coming out every single day the PS5 offers a wide variety of play styles. Over 100 million more users prefer Playstation than Xbox. However, with every good quality comes a bad one. People have discovered that using the PS5 on an ordinary TV is not good. It will most likely crash every couple of minutes so you’ll have to go out and buy a monitor that can run at least 75 hertz. All in all the PS5 is a fantastic all around choice for anyone who’s trying to go expensive this year and buy only the best of the best.

Next, the Xbox Series X, coming in at around $500 This gaming system offers similar perks as the Playstation but is available at an arguably semi affordable price. With over 65 million users the Xbox is quite possibly one of the best choices this year for Christmas. As an Xbox user myself I can say that the publicity for this system is fair. Similarly to the Playstation, the Xbox has a variety of featured games including the much talked about Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Evidently, the battle between the better gaming console comes down to the preference of the consumer. The majority of the prospects to be considered by both consoles are more or less the same. You as the consumer needs to make the decision as to which console offers the best perks. Trust that whichever console you purchase, it will be worth every cent so long as you purchase it from a trustworthy source and not a reseller.