Blockbuster Offseason

Matthew Ventura ‘22

The cold winter we are currently experiencing has officially been heated by these hot stove transactions in the MLB. Teams have dove into the pool of free agency and are putting their money where their mouth is by exchanging dollars for a chance at the most prestigious prize in the sports world: a World Series trophy. Despite the slow start and an uneventful winter meeting, we had our suspected offseason drama take off for the better. In this article I will go over all of the important trades and keep you up to date: 

Francisco Lindor

Chris Antonetti continues to pave way out of Cleveland for Francisco Lindor

Arguably the biggest trade to happen thus far, it is one that shocked many in the baseball world despite the Mets showing that they are not afraid to buy and spend money this offseason. This will not only be considered the biggest move this year, but it will be the biggest move the Mets have made in a very long time and who knows–one of the biggest moves in offseason history? Lindor has left his mark in Cleveland and leaves behind large shoes to be filled by their minor league system and it makes us wonder…Are the Indians going to blow up the team for a rebuild? With the departures of former All Star first baseman Carlos Santana and previous reliever of the year winner Brad Hand, we see that Cleveland cannot afford to keep these stars on the team anymore as contracts get more expensive. As for the Mets, this move comes as a double sided sword due to the fact that they signed a franchise shortstop but however took on an expensive contract which goes dry after one year.

Brad Hand

Toronto Blue Jays reportedly checking in on Brad Hand

One of the best relievers up for grabs has finally been signed and has been signed to a team that needed him most. Nationals bullpen ERA for the 2020 season was in the 4 runs allowed per game category making it a priority to sign some major pieces to improve in that category. With a big sweeping breaking ball coming from a lefty’s perspective we are sure he will be a threat to NL East hitters for his stint with the nationals

Adam Ottavino

New Yankees reliever Adam Ottavino is still nearly unhittable - Beyond the  Box Score

Another super reliever signed by a high payroll team in the Boston Red Sox. Ottavino had an off year in 2020 when he posted a 5.89 ERA. Despite this, his overall career statistics are quite impressive and the Red Sox can use him in the backend of their rotation. 

George Springer

George Springer is gone! Now what? - The Crawfish Boxes

Also considered one of the most important moves this offseason, Springer is an all star outfielder with great talent on both sides of the ball. This move solidified the Blue Jays intentions this season: They want to win and win by a lot. George Springer brings much to the table considering that he hits for a career average of .270, 174 homeruns, and is approaching 1000 hits. This combined with a trade for Micheal Brantly has made the Jays a team to not be reckoned with.