January Cover Series Introductory Letter

28 January, 2021

Dear Salesian Community,

This month at the Spectator, our aim as a publication was to bring awareness to womens empowerment. This subject often gets undermined in society today, and we tend to forget the vital roles women play in society. This starts with the phenomenal women on the Salesian Faculty roster, who have effortlessly contributed to the success of this establishment. 

Written by Salvatore Bonasia ’22, the January Cover Issue features faculty members: Mrs. Gabriel, Mrs. Cioce, Mrs. Francis, Mrs. Ramondelli, Ms. Blandino, Mrs. Correale, and Mrs. Bastone. These women represent our Cover theme:  Educated, Classy, Formidable: Women of the Salesian Community, which focuses on women of the workplace as it recognizes the success of women in male dominated fields. No force can stop a group of women destined to succeed. It is an honor and a privilege to be able to learn, grow, and work with these remarkable women.  

Warm Regards,

Sherquan Dailey ’21