Nicholas Santiago Massa ‘24

Have you ever wondered if a video game that received mabey twenty to thirty thousand views a day could suddenly go up in popularity and receive three to four million views a day? Well that game is Rust, if you haven’t heard of it chances are you’re not alone. The game originally came out a couple years ago, and since then it has gathered an unusual audience. Rust is indefinitely available for PC but will come to consoles in the near future especially due to its rising popularity.  Rust’s overall quality of gameplay is acceptable just as long as you don’t  mind a few bugs here and there.

Rust is a first person shooter where you have only one goal, to survive at All costs. You start off like any other survival game, you wake up on a beach with nothing but a rock. With this rock you are expected to not only survive your hunger and thirst, but everyone else you may encounter. Servers can have over 300 people present, all trying to do the same thing as yourself. After you survive your first night you keep going on scavenging for any little resource you can hoping you don’t see anyone. Eventually you’ll gather enough materials to go out alone and fend for yourself. 

Even though Rust is a survival game, you do not have to enjoy this experience by yourself. Your friends can also join you and from there you can rule over a server. You will however meet people with similar strategies operating  clans of over ten men dominating your clan of four to five. With that being said, choose your team wisely! 

One amazing thing about Rust is that it allows for in game voice chat and Proximity chat. This is one thing that Rust is mainly known for and it’s extremely hilarious. When you get knocked down you can talk to them, when you knock them down you can yell at them. Even if you are being chased down with a rock, scared for your life, you can press “v” or “t” to beg for them not to hurt you in the game. It’s all just a very fun experience. Rust is not an easy game to play, but if you put the time and effort into it, you can manage to survive with either yourself and friends. With the chance that you and your friends survive, remember it is the survival of the fittest. There can only be one survivor at the end of the game.