Title: 10 Quarantine Activities with Family

Daniel Brito ’24

It’s no doubt that throughout quarantine we’ve done it all. We’ve made bread, we binged, we exercise, we even decided to dye our hair. We even played games and video called family to maintain safety. This is why I have compiled a list featuring my personal top 10 activities to do with family in quarantine.

Number 10: Baking Bread

Whether it’s a PB&J or a pudding we use bread constantly. This is especially prominent throughout quarantine since we’re stuck at home and most likely making many sandwiches. For this reason, baking bread is a great thing to do! This is fun to do with family as you can make silly shapes, make different types of bread (don’t worry sourdough we won’t forget you), and even try this bread for our everyday uses.

Number 9: TikToks

In an age where technology is prominent, video content has also taken a rise. This is where TikTok comes in. TikTok is an app where you can record yourself doing anything such as popular dances, displaying a skill, or even informational talks. Filming you and your family doing TikToks is the perfect way to pass time and have fun

NUMBER 8: Video Games

Entertainment finds its way in many different ways. This is even present in video games with the family. You could play games like Smash Bros and fight your family, or play things like Mario Kart to increase the competition. This is a great way to get everyone involved and have fun.

Number 7: Cooking

Let’s admit it, we’ve eaten copious amounts of food during quarantine. As a family, this is especially true. For this reason, cooking should be on the quarantine list. It feels nice to have the entire family in the kitchen cooking together to make meals for each other. Plus it pays out in the end when you get to eat it all.

Number 6: Exercising

It’s important to maintain our health and fitness during quarantine, as we’re not presented with the same exercising opportunities that we once had. Exercising with your family will be fun; it creates a routine, it builds health with each other, and it also keeps everyone active and healthy! For a family exercise, running may be nice, like in a backyard. Or if you do not have access to such, in-house exercises such as pushups, lunges, or situps are a good choice as well.

Number 5: Singing and Music

Picture this: your favorite song is playing, and all of a sudden you and your family start singing the lyrics to the song together and having a good time. Doing music with your family is an amazing activity since you learn how to sing a bit, as well as relax and have fun with everyone in the house. Just make sure you don’t try to sing Backstreet Boys, you might get too immersed.

Number 4: Binge your favorite shows

Starting a show with your loved ones feels amazing. Everyone can sit down with snacks and hand, and watch the episodes of a series while having an overall great time. Shows that are good to watch as a family are Cobra Kai, Grey’s Anatomy, and if you’re a bit more mature Supernatural is great too!

Number 4: Paint

Art is a great way to bond with the fam. You can gather everyone around, pick out your favorite colors, and go crazy on a canvas. It’s especially fun to pose a challenge between everyone, like trying to paint something specific or making different weird colors and using them in a painting.

Number 3: Board Games

Along with playing video games, it’s good to give your eyes a break from the constant light of technology which is why board games are a good substitute. You could play anything from Connect 4 to chess in order to have fun. Just make sure you don’t play UNO, you might get your mom and dad angry with the “Plus 4”.

Number 2: Puzzles

While board games are fun, puzzles challenge your mind. You should sit down with your family and do crosswords to expand your word usage, or even a jigsaw puzzle to see who can figure it out faster. These will make you think a little harder than you would in quarantine.

Number 1: Sleep

After all of these activities and all these things we do at home, it is important to make sure you get a full night’s rest. Even though quarantine has messed with our sense of time by a bit, we should still make sure that everyone in the family has the sleep that they need to stay healthy and happy.