Malz Monday

Matthew Ventura ‘22

Malz Monday is an artist from Westchester, NY and will be a great addition to your “Chill/Mellow” rap playlist. His witty rhyme scheme, great metaphors, and in depth storytelling  will have you captivated by his music. The subject matter in his music is also amazing as he brings up his experiences living in a dangerous, crime stricken neighborhood in Westchester. His musical style can be compared to those of the likes of J.Cole and Nas.

Despite how exaggerated those comparisons may sound, it’s no denying that he could eventually reach the level they are that. As of right now, he currently showcases 231,677 monthly listeners on Spotify and is signed to PINE NATION ENTERTAINMENT INC record label. A one album I would recommend from Malz would be “Thank God It’s Monday,” where he dives into topics about his faith in God, his daughter, and rapping career.