Podcasts of the Month

Silas Gonzalez ’24

Throughout this year and the last, the time I have spent listening to podcasts has spiraled from an already immoderate base.  After all, a year’s worth of quarantine and months of self isolation made me crave for comfort and information, and a constant source of them.  Thus began my journey through several podcasts in several genres.  The ranking being presented here are the result of hours given to each of these podcasts, and which ones are my personal favorites.  Here are my top 5 podcasts, available on iTunes, YouTube, and Spotify.

TED Talks Daily | TED Talks | Programs & Initiatives | About | TED

5. Ted Talk

Arguably the most popular podcast, Ted Talk is number 5 on the list.  Ted Talks provide intriguing ideas on nearly every topic, ranging from artificial intelligence to how to wake up in the morning properly.  Ted Talks became so popular that it branched out several podcasts, technically the actual podcast I am recommending is Ted Talks Daily, which consists of general questions and topics that are misunderstood.  Listen to Ted Talks Daily to change perspectives and spark your curiosity.

You're Wrong About on Stitcher

4. You’re Wrong About

Filled with infinite educational potential, You’re Wrong About is number 4 on the list.  This podcast involves journalists Mike and Sarah showing new perspectives on historical events.  Reviewing thoughts on events or people that have been miscast for the public interest is a captivating idea.  Currently, they focus on movements, trials, and political terminology.  Mike and Sarah are passionate and knowledgeable hosts, making them the heart and soul of the podcast.  Listening to You’re Wrong About for an interesting take on previous events that were possibly perceived the wrong way.

Dead Eyes': Rejected by Tom Hanks? Start a Podcast About It

3. Dead Eyes

A podcast focused on humor, Dead Eyes is number 3 on the list.  The podcast is hosted by the actor and comedian Connor Ratliff, who embarks on a journey to answer a twenty year long mystery, why did Tom Hanks fire him from the 2001 HBO MAX series Band of Brothers.  Even though it has an admittedly stupid premise for a podcast, Connor Ratliff’s sense of humor is one of the few things that brought me at ease during the summer quarantine.  A surprisingly well-thought gimmick of Dead Eyes is bringing small actors in big movies the spotlight.  Actors such as Zach Cherry (“Street Vendor” in Spider-Man: Homecoming) and David Moscow (“Josh Baskin” in Big) are guest stars in the podcast.  Listen to Dead Eyes for comedic relief, and a glimpse into the cruel world of acting.

2. How’s It Going To End?

A brand new podcast focused on pop culture, How’s It Going To End? is number 2 on the list.  Hosted by the film student Tim Blakaj, this podcast ranges from pop culture media to current events.  While it may be surprising that this relatively unpopular underground podcast is on a higher ranking than more infamous and influential podcasts, How’s It Going To End? is a shockingly funny podcast that I enjoyed since my winter break.  For people interested in current Television shows such as Wandavision and Video Games such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales, listen to How’s It Going To End?

The Daily - News Podcast | Podchaser

1. The Daily

Run by the New York Times, The Daily is the number 1 podcast on this list.  The Daily is a news podcast that gained its popularity by uploading…daily.  The podcast is hosted by the political journalist Michael Barbaro.  For me, the main reason I listen to podcasts is to shed time away.  In my free time, I like to ponder on just about anything.  Podcasts are my perfect escape into this state of mind.  Fixating my mind on a particular topic helps build my level of focus and comprehension.  During the summer, in my search for podcasts, The Daily was recommended to me the most.  The Daily provides a thoughtful and relatively unbiased update on worldwide news.  Overall, if you are interested in podcasts, or are in search of new ones, I hope you take these impressive podcasts into consideration.