The Current State of Texas

Angelo Ledda ’24

Within this past weekend, something drastic has happened to the state of Texas. A horrible snow storm hit Texas and caused many bad things to happen such as, deaths, the destruction of homes, the pollution of water, and many more terrible events. Texas is usually an extremely warm state so the houses were not built for cold conditions and the pipes of Texas are not insulated for cold conditions. These reasons are what led to the destruction of homes, pipes being demolished, and water being polluted. The polluted waters of Texas, the demolition of homes, and the breaking of pipes are leading to many injuries and deaths in the state of Texas.

The damaging of pipes led to an urgent need for help. Plumbers were constantly being called for and there was a lot of work to be done. Some houses actually needed to be re-piped completely or had immense amounts of damage done to them.

The New York Times stated in the article, What a Texas Plumber Faces Now: A State Full of Burst Pipes, “Some other companies had gotten so swamped that they stopped answering the phone at all. . . . But some houses will need major work, and may even have to be re-piped completely.”

What a Texas Plumber Faces Now: A State Full of Burst Pipes
(The New York Times)

This statement shows that the need for plumbers was immense and that some houses had gotten horribly damaged from the winter storm that recently hit Texas. The destruction of pipes in Texas also led to polluted water. The pipes had been busted due to no insulation and the cold destroying them. Millions of residents in Texas woke up around Monday without safe water to drink.

“Millions of Texans were waking up without safe drinking water Monday. . . . As of 8 a.m. ET, nearly 8.8 million people were still under boil water notices. . . . The commission said 260 boil water notices across the state have been rescinded as of Monday morning, but 120,000 people still had no water service at all.” This quote shows that warm, clean water could not have been given out due to the demolition of pipes and how a lot of people did not have water service. The winter storm that hit Texas was absolutely devastating and caused millions of people’s pipes to be damaged which led to polluted and unhealthy waters.

Millions of Texans Wake up Without Safe Drinking Water After Winter Storm
(NBC News)