Analyzing the Return of Standardized Testing

Christopher Moronta ’22

In recent news, the U.S Department of Education has announced that all states must administer standardized testing this year. Exams such as the regents will be taking place, as well as the SAT and AP exams administered by the College Board. Although these exams will be returning at the end of the school year, there will be various changes as to how the tests will be formatted, and how many exams will be offered. Standardized testing as a whole was created to test how much information students retained during their school year, as well as to check up on the school’s educational ability and performance. This new wave of testing may be a game-changer considering how much the pandemic has affected the school system so far.

The Southerner | No consideration for diversity in standardized testing

One of the biggest changes to the testing system is the opportunity to be able to take the test both online and in person. This brings a variety of different options for students to have while they are deciding what they are more comfortable with. Although this option has only been confirmed for the AP exams, the regents could see a similar change as well. In regards to the AP exams, the test being administered both online and in-person brings different challenges in each field. For one, the in-person exam is most likely to be with pen and paper, and everything will be written out. The online exam will be taken from an electronic device but students will be unable to move to previous questions to change their answers. These are serious factors to consider when choosing which style exam you should take.

Do standardized test scores really matter?

From a student’s perspective, the return of standardized testing to the academic school year with the different factors of the pandemic and online learning is ultimately a pain for many people. Students should focus on preparing for these exams with such late notice in the year. This will cause much more stress and greater chances of failure especially if students were not doing well with the online learning system as a whole. Standardized testing may have been essential for the curriculum in previous years, however with the circumstances of the times we are in, the option of a state test should not be taken into consideration.