Hulu’s Top Picks

Salvatore Bonasia ’22

According to Hulu, here are the Top Ten Shows/Films out now to watch! : 

1. Ramy – TV Series: (TVMA) – Season 2 (2019):

“Ramy, a first generation Egyptian-American, is on a spiritual journey in his politically divided neighborhood. Ramy will bring a fresh viewpoint to the screen as it examines the complexities of being trapped between traditional Muslim culture, that sees life as a moral examination, and a millennial generation that sees life awash with opportunities.” (Hulu)

2. Justified – TV Series: (TVMA) – Season 6 (2010):

“A law enforcement officer is drawn back to his home state of Kentucky. The long-brewing feud between Raylan and Boyd Crowder will finally come to a head.” (Hulu)

3. Better Things – TV Series: (TVMA) – Season 4 (2016):

“A single mother and actress in Los Angeles is struggling to raise her three daughters, and faces the everyday challenges that come from having such a unique family.” (Hulu)

4. Atlanta – TV Series: (TVMA) – Season 2 (2016):

“Young rappers in Atlanta are attempting to begin their careers in the music industry.” (Hulu)

5. What We Do in the Shadows – TV Series: (TVMA) – Season 2 (2019):

“A glimpse into the lives of four vampires who’ve been together for centuries. After a visit from their dark lord and leader, they’re told of their reason for landing in New York City over a  hundred years ago.” (Hulu)

6. Pen15 – TV Series: (TVMA) – Season 2 (2019):

“In the year 2000, thirteen-year-old outcasts are surrounded by real thirteen-year-olds, and the best day of their lives will turn into the worst with a stroke of a gel pen.” (Hulu)

7. Harlots – TV Series: (TVMA) – Season 3 (2017):

“Margaret Wells is torn between her position as owner of a brothel  and as a mother to her daughters Charlotte and Lucy. Margaret must fight back when her company is threatened by Lydia Quigley, a vicious rival madam, even though it could mean losing her family, or even her life.” (Hulu)

8. Mrs. America – TV Series: (TVMA) – Season 1 (2020):

“Mrs. America tells the tale of the fight to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment,and the unlikely backlash led by Phyllis Schlafly, “the silent majority’s sweetheart.”” (Hulu)

9. Difficult People – TV Series: (TVMA) – Season 3 (2015):

“Their typical, irreverent behavior places them in some very uncomfortable circumstances as best friends living in New York City.” (Hulu)

10. You’re The Worst – TV Series: (TVMA) – Season 5 (2014):

“Self-destructive, selfish, and brash, all marriages, according to Jimmy Shive-Overly, are doomed. “I’m cynical, people-pleasing, and obstinate.” Gretchen Cutler understands that she isn’t cut out for relationships. It’s only natural that when they meet at a wedding, the two of them go home together, and against their better judgement, begin to fall for each other.” (Hulu)

You should definitely go watch them right now!