Early Acceptances and Senior Decisions

Christopher Hart ’21

Every year a senior has to make a choice of their dream school and the major they want to pursue. This year we would like to commemorate our seniors that are making their final decision during this hard time. Last year and this year’s seniors have gone through so much yet, we were still able to push through. We must continue to finish this year on a high note and with high expectations to carry on with us to college. We all have dreams to follow and COVID-19 is just an obstacle that will make us stronger people in the long run.

Seniors Early Action and Major Choice

Tom Gjini

Manhattan college (architecture)

Joe Pagan

Binghamton college (engineering)

Vincent Jones

Pace University (education)

John Navarra

Rutgers University (aerospace engineering)

Antonio Iannacito

Rutgers University (accounting)

Alex Stefanini

NYU (law)

Luke Mullan

John Jay (computer science/intelligence and security)

Evan Gonzalez

St. John’s University (pharmaceutical medicine)

Richard Maj

Syracuse (pursue psychology)

Marselio Bushati

Columbia (physics)