Recap of the Apple Event in April

Timothy Nguyen ‘23

Two months ago, on April 20th, Apple held its first event of 2021.  During this event, Apple announced various new technologies like the Air Tag and the new and more powerful M1 chip,  giving room for many innovations in Apple’s previous tech.

Air Tag

Air Tag is a tracking device that takes advantage of the functions in Apple’s “Find My” app, and applies them to other items, such as keys, your backpack, or your wallet. All you have to do is attach the Air Tag to an item that you don’t want misplaced, and voilà, you can now track that item’s location. Through the app you can easily ping the item, and your apple device will accurately point you in its direction.

Apple TV

Apple claims that the new Apple TV will elevate your video and audio experience when watching shows or movies. With the A12 Bionic chip implemented in the media player, you can only expect a great viewing experience! Apple TV now also comes with a new Siri remote that gives precise control with a new touch-enabled clickpad. 


The new iMac comes in seven different colors, and includes the new Apple M1 chip.  Utilizing the power of the chip, Apple was able to make the desktop weigh less than 10 pounds, and shrink its width to a mere 11.5 millimeters. Even though it is extremely thin and light, the quality of the iMac is not affected. With its 4.5k Retina display, you are still able to view pictures and watch videos through one of the clearest screens on the market. Apple also says that the camera on the new iMac is the best one that they have ever implemented in one of their desktops.

iPad Pro

Like the iMac, the new iPad Pro was also built around the M1 chip. With the M1 chip, the iPad Pro has better performance and graphics than ever before, without needing an increase in size. It also has a camera that provides beautiful, high-quality images and videos. Furthermore, the new iPad is capable of accessing the abilities of 5G, and can now store an astonishing 2TB worth of data.
All in all, the Apple Event in April revealed many amazing innovations in Apple devices. If you would like to learn more about how impactful the M1 chip really is, or just want to see what shows are available on the new Apple TV, please visit Apple Event – April 2021, where Apple gives a more in-depth summary of the technology revealed during the event.