Back To School

Michael Vidal ’22

We are back! After a year of the cohort system and the four day in-person system, we are back on campus full time. As we sent our best wishes to the class of 2021, Salesian welcomes the class of 2025, who have been adjusting to student life very well. The Salesian administration has continued their hard work from last year, as they preserve school traditions and implement safety measures in the face of the pandemic. With reduced concerns about the pandemic, and even with masks on our faces, many students are eager to gain a fresh start, as they embark on a new journey throughout for the remainder of 2021.

The presence of most students on campus has helped to create a more lively and engaging environment for most students, particularly for the freshman. With the help of their “Big Brothers”, members of the class of 2022, the incoming freshman class had gotten a true taste of the Salesian brotherhood. This has encouraged them to get into various clubs and activities, which has allowed them to have a strong presence on campus. From playing basketball to throwing a frisbee to playing spike ball and ping pong, the freshmen have found new ways to get involved and make their mark on the Salesian campus. With respect towards one another and their teachers, it is clear that the freshmen are on track for a successful school year.

In addition to annual school traditions, new traditions from last year have remained, including the Halloween trick-or-treat and Easter egg hunt for children and our Winter Wonderland lights for Christmas. One of our best traditions, NRG, happened for the first time this year on September 24. We pray in the chapel at night and have open gym and activities to end the Friday and start the weekend. Activities such as NRG hold a special place in the lives of Salesian students because they reflect the school’s message: a welcoming home, a learning school, a worshiping parish, and an exciting playground.  Our first month back has been exciting but there is more to come next month. The return to normalcy will continue as the seasons progress and students gain more experience with their classwork, clubs, and communication skills. In addition to this, Salesian looks forward to hosting more activities and service projects in the upcoming months, some of which include the blood-drive and the Salesian mission trip to Nicaragua. Throughout this school year, we remain optimistic that we can continue our traditions and expand our community. The message right now is clear: Salesian is back!