Comment from the Salesian Varsity Soccer Coach

Marco La Vecchia ’22

When asked about the Salesian Soccer Team’s identity, and what he would want those in the Salesian community who only look at their record to know about the team, the coach had the following to say:

“Many coaches say you are what your record is… but at Salesian this doesn’t apply. We are facing a lot of adversity right now and, although it doesn’t show in the states, we are getting better! We are showing more confidence in our practices,… taking our mistakes and moving forward. We have faith in ourselves and we know we will push forward… and make it a magical season.” 

-Mr. Romero, Salesian Soccer Coach

When asked to write a paragraph on the team to the athletic director, Captain Marco La Vecchia wrote the following:

Don’t look at the record of this team if you are looking for our identity. Don’t look at the stats, the numbers if you are wondering who we are. If you want to know, we’re young in terms of experience. Only four returning starters from our past season, and only two of those four are playing due to injuries. This means that out of the current starting eleven, only two had ever started a game at this level before. So yes, we are young, and we are injured. But we’re hungry! We’re the only team in the entire league to have scored against the top three teams in the league (in terms of record), not even they scored on each other. I’m not saying that looking for pity. I’m saying that because it proves that we are making real chances, real chances against the best teams in the league. We’re out of shape and many of us get caught on our heels, but we’re improving. Our flaws are fixable, obtainable, and on the way to becoming strengths. A goal from a first time team player Robert Qeta. A promising future led by freshman Andrea Kola with better touch than 99% of the league. Goalies training like no tomorrow knowing they need to step up their game playing soccer for the first time in their lives. So, what I want to stress is simple: don’t count us out! We have time before the playoffs; we have more games, practices, and effort to put in until then. We’re building and building and, by the time postseason comes, we’ll do what eagles do best: soar. We are the Salesian Eagles Soccer team. We are family, and we are still walking with our heads high. So don’t count us out, or you’ll regret it when we are flying above the rest. 


Marco La Vecchia

Captain of Salesian Varsity Soccer