Douyin (Chinese TikTok) Limits Users to 40 Minutes Per Day

Diego Javier ’22

As of last week, Bytedance, Douyin’s parent company, announced that they would be limiting the screen time of the Chinese variation of TikTok to 40 minutes a day for younger users. This is a result of the company staying in line with the Chinese government’s campaign to limit the influence of the internet with the Chinese government calling it an ¨addiction¨. This measure applies to all Douyin users under the age of 14. This new measure called “youth mode” makes it so children can only access Douyin for forty minutes between 6 a.m and 10 p.m..

In order for this measure to work, Bytedance encourages parents to make their children register with their real names otherwise they will not be able to carry out the measure or the parents would have to manually enable “youth mode”. The Chinese multinational company also said that it would introduce new content tailored towards children. This content being introduced is educational ranging from science experiments to museum exhibitions meant to inspire China’s youth.

Moreover, these regulations for China’s version of TikTok have been in the works for a long time. This has been warned by the national Chinese media that the growing use of social media is having a toll on users’ mental and physical health. Hence, the Chinese government has been making strides in restricting the youth from spending more time only.  This can be seen with the restrictions on video games placed in August. Chinese gamers under the age of 18 being barred from playing on the weekdays and limiting their play to just three hours during the weekend. China will continue to make strides in limiting the use of the internet for the future generations.