iOS 15 Review

Timothy Nguyen ’23

On September 20th, iOS 15 was released to the public after three months since Apple’s first announcement of it on June 7th during their Worldwide Development Conference. With the new update, users can expect their devices to be even more powerful and convenient. From major revisions on how notifications work to the addition of new privacy features, iOS 15 will greatly improve apple devices in a variety of ways. 

Focus and Customizable Notifications

In iOS 15, a new feature named Focus will be implemented. To put it simply, Focus is an advanced version of Do Not Disturb. It will allow users to be able to filter their notifications from apps, text messages, and calls. Also, it can make suggestions on your notification settings through data that it collects as you use apps on your device. Furthermore, with the addition of Focus, Apple has decided to change the current UI for notifications. When you receive texts or missed calls, contact photos of the person will now be visible on the Home Screen. Your device will also begin to rearrange notifications by priority instead of recency.

New Safari UI

Safari’s browsing experience will be far more convenient than ever before once you update to iOS 15. On a mobile device, you can now swipe left and right to swap between tabs rather than having to scroll up and then tapping on a specific tab. Also, Apple is making Safari even more personal by allowing all users’ the ability to customize their home page on Safari.

AR in Apple Maps

With the new system update, Apple is following suit with Google Maps and implementing AR into Apple Maps. When you use Apple Maps on your iPhone or CarPlay, the app will now have a feature that can display three dimensional cities. Also, there will be updated road details, and the ability to generate a detailed walking direction guide in augmented reality.

Improved Privacy

With iOS 15, Apple continues to improve the security of their devices. There will be new “Mail Prvacy Protection”, which will prevent senders from knowing when you have opened their email, and also hide your IP addresses from the senders. Furthermore, there will be an “App Privacy Report” on how apps have used your data over the past 7 days. This will allow you to know if an app is misusing the data that they collected from your device.
All in all, iOS 15 undoubtedly improves Apple devices. There are more customizable features that further allow a user to personalize their device. Also, the convenience and security of the device is better than ever. To see other features that have been redesigned, improved, and/or implemented to your Apple product via the iOS 15 update, please visit for a more detailed review on the update.