Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack Controversy

Angelo Ledda ’24

October has been an interesting month for Nintendo. Metroid Dread released at the beginning of this month, Sora from Kingdom Hearts was announced as the last Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character, and Mario Party Superstars is just around the corner causing a lot of excitement for fans of the company. Within this month, Nintendo also revealed the last update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons which caused an overflow of joy for fans and got many people back into playing the game.

However, within the announcement, Nintendo revealed that the Expansion Pack for the Nintendo Switch: Online will cost $50. Many people are in an uproar about this because they are paying $50 just to play a few select titles from the Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis.

Nintendo has uploaded the video showcasing the price of the Expansion Pack separately on YouTube; the video has 90,000 dislikes and only 16,000 likes. It is also revealed that the pricing of the Expansion Pack has caused an outrage when the article, Nintendo Switch Expansion Trailer has Over 50,000 Dislikes on YouTube states, “The announcement of the new Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack is not going over well with fans, as is evidenced by the latest trailer’s dislike count. With over 50,000 dislikes on the latest trailer and counting only days after the trailer went online. . . .” This quote reveals the majority of people’s opinions on the pricing of the new membership and how they were heavily upset by it. Overall, the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack has caused much controversy and made a majority of people angry at the pricing of it.