September’s Salesian Golf Outing

Daniel Singh ’22

On September 20th, 2021, Salesian resumed its annual Golf Outing after a year of inability due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a first time volunteer, I expected the event to consist of a small group of Salesian alumni that would go to the golf course to reunite with their friends momentarily and subsequently go back to their homes or jobs. I would soon realize how wrong my assumption was though, as I was instantly taken aback by the number of cars that began to fill the once deserted parking lot at the Rye Golf Club. What had once been a lonely golf course was transformed into a scene of enthusiastic banter, laughter, and a natural sense of competitiveness for the sport. As a volunteer and current senior at Salesian, I was amazed by the fact that alumni from such varying graduating classes made the effort to come from whatever corner of the globe they were stationed in and compete with one another in a sport that they all loved. Although they could’ve been doing anything else that afternoon, these men instead chose to reunite with their family and continue the legacy that Salesian has garnered as true brotherhood.

As the sun began to set and the golf course closed for the night, the Salesian alumni relocated to the high school campus for a dinner and the Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Now outfitted in their best attire, the alumni shifted their focus from golf to the reminiscence of their time spent at Salesian High School. Whether they spoke about their experiences on the basketball team or how salty the french fries from the cafeteria were, each person had their own story of what Salesian meant to them. During this dinner I gave a small oration of my own experience at Salesian, which included similar encounters as the graduating classes before me, and concluded with the same idea of Salesian serving as a home, school, parish, and playground. After my presentation a number of alumni congratulated me on my speech, exclaiming that I had perfectly encapsulated the essence of what it meant to be an Eagle. Without noticing it at the time, my recollection of my experience at Salesian High School had reminded the alumni of the same experiences that they had in the past. For many of these men, my speech granted them the reassurance that the only part of Salesian that had changed between their graduation and mine was the time, and that the ideals that Salesian was founded upon over 100 years ago would be maintained for the next 100 years to come.