The Struggle of Celebrities Involved In Politics

Jacob Matos ’23

Social media has always been used as a tool for celebrity platforms to create a direct connection between the influencer and the public. Moreover, celebrities use social media to promote their business, flaunt their luxurious lives, and publicly speak on political matters. Due to the pandemic, many celebrities took the time to address serious political/global issues regardless of the backlash they received for it.

For instance, this year’s controversial presidential election inspired many influencers to speak and support their favorite candidate via Instagram, Twitter, concerts, and interviews. But, having any type of influence on social media is a dangerous game as well because not everyone will agree with a celebrity’s opinion or perspective, thus becoming a target in the world of politics. Celebrities such as Cardi B, use their influence on the public to speak for those who feel they do not have a voice. In addition, she has what some may call “easy influence” because she knows what it is to struggle and it makes her more relatable because of it.