Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Robert Cutignola ’22

In 2021’s Venom: Let There be Carnage, Eddie Brock is still struggling to live with his alien counterpart, Venom.  Their struggles are shown as the movie progresses, with Venom still wanting to eat people, specifically “bad guys” as he puts it.  Eddie has had enough of Venom trying to eat everyone because he fears they eventually will get caught.  Eddie then receives a letter from a very dangerous criminal named Cletus Kasady.  

Cletus wanted Eddie to write an article about him.  He wanted to express his feelings of guilt and remorse and also his last words, and he wanted Eddie to put them in the newspaper.  While in the prison, and close enough to Kasady, Venom suggests that Eddie should keep an eye out for certain things, but Eddie, only being human, doesn’t catch what Venom is talking about.  Later into the interview with Cletus, he mentions something about a church, Eddie has no idea what it means and then shoots Kasady down and leaves mid-interview.

As they are walking out, Venom catches drawings on the cell wall that look vaguely familiar to him.  Eddie also sees it, but later at home, can’t remember what they looked like.  Venom then uses Eddie’s hand to draw the clues and pictures that were on the prison wall, but he still doesn’t understand.  The next day, another note from Cletus Kasady comes in the mail, asking Eddie to come back.  Eddie agrees to it and he goes to talk with Cletus again.  While there, Cletus mentions something about Eddie’s previous relationship with Anne which angers Venom.  Venom, not being able to control his anger, forces Eddie’s body to lunch at Cletus.  Through this alteration, Cletus bites Eddie’s finger and takes some of his blood.  Cletus says to Eddie that his blood is not normal blood, and that it should taste the way it does.  Later that night, Eddie tells Venom that he is done, and that he wants him out of his body.  

At this point in the movie, we were introduced to Cletus Kasady, an insane, but smart sociopath, and we were shown that since the first movie, Eddie and Venom’s relationship has still not improved and in some ways, went backwards.  Aside from the characters, Venom’s sense of humor has not changed, and there were some pretty good jokes.  Venom then goes on to search for a new host, but no one’s body is a match for him and all the people he chose ended up dying.  Now is when we really started to see how much Venom and Eddie needed each other, but Venom and Eddie being both stubborn and angry with each other, won’t return to each other.  We then find out that Cletus Kasady survived his lethal injection due to him having a bit of Eddie’s blood. Having Eddie’s blood causes him to turn into a red symbiote, that is not a shield like Venom, but in the same body. 

Then when Venom and Eddie now have an enemy, it becomes cliche and they have to fight Kasady’s symbiote, known as Carnage.  So, this movie, despite being a little cliche, was very well put together.  Some more jokes were told, and the characters actually progressed this time.  The real juicy thing is in the end credit scene, where Eddie is transported into the Marvel Cinematic Universe due to Spider Man messing with the multiverse. I feel that Marvel has big plans and truly hope that they do not disappoint.