Deathloop Review

As equally monotonous and competitive as the shooting genre is, very few games truly stand out.  Deathloop is not one of them.

Silas Gonzalez ’24

Deathloop is a first-person time-warping shooter and puzzle game where time has become paramount in your success.  Arkane studios delves deep into the entertaining complications of this time mechanic.  Colt, the player’s character, remembers the events of each time loop, along with a taunting antagonist Julianna.  The true enemy of the game is united villains who control time itself, causing these loops.  Colt and Julianna’s relationship is the heart of this plot, the banter and interactions are wonderfully voiced by Jason E. Kelley and Ozioma Akagha.

Deathloop embraces the cartoonish side of their story in its gameplay.  Colt acts as a hitman against the Visionaries with his ethereal weapons and abilities.  In my own playthrough, the game never felt stale as the vast options of approaching your enemies never withered.  Part of what made my experience so engaging was the PS5’s Dualsense controller, making every trigger and every punch unique and sensational.  Few games have taken as much advantage of the PS5 as Deathloop does.  With multiple entryways available in each level, Deathloop welcomes both headfirst and stealthy players.  

The central theme of Deathloop is a spy aesthetic in which the player carefully constructs a precise retaliation against these timey-wimey villains.  This game entranced me throughout its entire story, earning its recent Game of the Year nomination, and possible victory.