The Problems of Remote Learning with In-Person Schooling

Eric Richter ’23

At this point everybody knows that remote learning wasn’t the most effective way of learning during the Covid-19 outbreak last school year. However, through personal experience I have discovered something much worse than that. This is being remote with in-person learning being put into play.

The two clash together significantly especially when the majority of students are in-person. It’s as if a teacher had to teach two separate classes at the same time but one class has twenty students while the other has one to two and it’s completely unintuitive. This either has to slow down the entire class or the teacher has to give less focus to the few students online. On a different note, tests and quizzes also become a pain. Some teachers trust that you won’t cheat on the quiz and others have you make up the quiz at a later date. That can be very bad when it comes to one of the worst problems with this way of learning.

After only a few days or maybe even a few hours of remote learning like this, you may feel completely out of it. At some point it becomes harder and harder to focus meaning that most of the information one is receiving is mostly just phasing through their head. Especially when there is a problem, bug, or even the teacher forgetting to put up the Google Meet, you can spend the whole period just waiting to be let in.  It can completely bring someone out of the school loop and when they come back it may be very difficult for that person to readjust themselves, especially when they have to make up a test or two.

The thing is that this occurs whenever someone may be even slightly sick. Common colds, sore throats, and other illnesses that show any of the many symptoms Covid-19 has can result in staying remote for at least a few days until test results are given back. So if you are very unlucky and don’t get your results back for a while or get sick multiple times, all the prominent problems stated beforehand will probably happen even more. 

As a whole, if something like this happens to anyone it could potentially be a detriment to them if it occurs at the wrong time. You seriously should do everything in your power to avoid being sick. It causes you to miss out on so much in school as I and many have probably already experienced.