The Blatant Problems with EA Sports to an Outsider

Eric Richter ’23

EA Sports is one of the biggest major divisions in Electronic Arts that focuses on the development of “new” sport games in their NFL and FIFA series. It is totally reasonable for many to enjoy these games as they please, however, to an outsider, there are many problems on the surface of these games that are looked down upon. Not all of these problems are restricted to these sport games EA develops as many of their most recent games have seen this problem as well.

The latest game in the FIFA series being FIFA 22 looks virtually very similar to FIFA 21 gameplay wise and it only came out a year after FIFA 21. If FIFA 22 is someone’s first introduction to the series then there is definitely a reason to buy it. However, these games are full price at 60$ and even more expensive on consoles like the PS5 where they are 70$ and so, is it truly worth it for someone who already owns FIFA 21 to buy the next game in the series if they look so similar with smaller scale additions? It’s not entirely EAs fault as the FIFA series is strictly a series about soccer and anything that strays even a little away from that gameplay wise is going against what the FIFA names stands for. Even still, what seems like updates to the games in the series are sold as a new game at full price that many people still buy.

EA is known for its lootbox systems which entice gambling, yet again showing their incessant desire for money. Many of these sport games use this system to unlock parts of the roster, not alway guaranteeing the character one may want, in turn reading to more purchases, and more money for EA to vacuum up. A game already priced at 60$ – 70$ encourages people to spend MORE money and at some point it’s quite easy to tell that EA hardly cares about this series and its fans and just wants to suck up all the money they can from these fans. EA was already called out on this for Star Wars Battlefront 2 and its look box system which was later changed due to all the outrage. So while this company might not be able to take the money within that game’s fanbase within their already fully priced game, they still continue to harvest money from those that continue to play and pay into their sports series.

Many have already stated their distaste for Electronic Arts as a company yet this still continues to grow as the years go by. There simply won’t be any changes to their sports series anytime soon if people keep buying into them. While it’s definitely fine if you enjoy these sport games, you might want to consider saving your money instead of spending it on a game series that lacks variety in its sequels and giving you only the chance for that character you may so desperately want.