The Numbers Behind Chief Keef’s “4NEM”

Nicholas Maspons ‘22

Just as Chief Keef fans thought it would be another year without an album from the artist, Chief Keef announced the release date for his upcoming album, “4NEM,” in early December. 

Prior to the release of “4NEM” on December 17, it had been over two years since Chief Keef’s last album, which was “Glotoven.” However, Chief Keef, real name Keith Cozart, did still drop music during this time span. In the past year, singles he released have garnered over 10 million views total on YouTube, with the numbers being even greater in the year before. 

Lead single “Hadouken,” and more later released songs, gained attention quickly. As fans were left eager for more music, the Chicago native would take the opportunity to release his album in the months to come. 

With the announcement of the upcoming project being made one week before its release, Chief Keef has gone on to promote it alongside an NFT. An advertisement on a digital billboard was present in Times Square in order to further promote the album. This may come as a surprise to many fans as Chief Keef is known for his lack of promotion for new music releases.

In comparison to his previous album “Glotoven,” which peaked at 153 on Billboard Charts, “4NEM” peaked at 141. The album also reached number 4 on the Apple Charts, which is the highest any of his albums charted since “Bang 3,” which dropped in 2015. On Spotify, “4NEM” debuted at number 7 globally. 

Like most of his projects, “4NEM” consists of only a few features, with the only ones being Tadoe and Ballout. These are two rappers who appear on tracks with Chief Keef very frequently. 

Statistics regarding Chief Keef’s first week album sales are typically not available, and this is the case regarding “4NEM.” Although these numbers are not accessible, others indicate that “4NEM” had a successful release and has done well for itself.