How to Efficiently Prepare for the SAT

Lucas Rojas ’24

The SAT is a standardized exam that high school students around the United States take for admissions to colleges. The level of importance of the SAT is extremely high, and a good score is a necessity to get into a good college. With that being said, just like any other test, you have the opportunity to prepare, and I’ll tell you how you can do just that.

Firstly, the primary website that should be used is the College Board. The College Board has a variety of information including: practice SAT tests, videos to study, short and simple listed methods to use, and the website even produces workbooks if you wanna go that far.  

Secondly, the next website that is great for SAT prep is Khan Academy. Khan Academy does an outstanding job explaining what the test is, how it’s formatted, and how it’s graded. In addition, Khan Academy provides three practice tests to practice and review from, and goes into in-depth explanation of topics that will be on the SAT. For instance, the math section of Khan academy shows you the heart of algebra and how to tackle most problems, thus resulting in success on the SAT. Additionally, Khan Academy gives strong SAT strategies such as time management and answering questions to your strengths. 

In summation, these are only two of thousands of websites and resources that can help to prepare for the SAT. You can expand your preparation further by buying workbooks as well. To prepare efficiently for the SAT, it is recommended to set up a schedule of a minimum of one hour to ensure that you comprehend enough material for the day. You can study for the SAT for a minimum of three days a week and visibly see an improvement in your score. There’s many alternatives on your schedule to prepare for the SAT, but as long as you find what strategy works best for you and are interested in succeeding on this test, it is very much possible with the given resources you now have access to.