Hurricane Ian

Bilal Malik ‘25

On September 28, 2022 Hurricane Ian hit the shores of Tampa, Florida.  It was recorded to be a Category 4 hurricane that led to more than 100 casualties as an effect. The winds of the hurricane reached up to 150 mph and flooded homes, businesses, and apartment buildings along the shore. The New York Times reported that “The scale of the destruction from Hurricane Ian threatens to destabilize Florida’s insurance and real estate markets, as devastated residents file a record number of claims for damaged or destroyed homes.” Even weeks after the natural disaster, Southwest Florida is still recovering from this major natural disaster that destroyed homes, cars, and other possessions. The hurricane did not only impact the area of Southern Florida but also western Cuba and other southern areas of the United States such as South Carolina.

To recover from this incident, many schools, charities, and organizations have donated generously to assist the people who were affected in the storm. In particular the organizationFederal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA,  has made an abundance of contributions to allow these states to recover from the hurricane. FEMA officially stated that “As of today, FEMA has provided $420 million in assistance to help survivors jumpstart their recovery.”  The fact that FEMA has donated hundreds of millions dollars in order to help the people of Florida cover the cost of things ranging from rental assistance to temporary lodging, is essentially outstanding. Slowly and steadily, due to these generous benefactors, people have at least been able to recover and move on from this horrific disaster that took place in their lives.