Movie Review: Bullet Train (2022)

Matthew Ron Valeriano ‘24

Bullet Train is an exciting, comedy-action movie that everyone can watch for a laugh. The movie plays with a generic action-movie plot with world-renowned assassins, gory fighting scenes, and the usual, expected ending of the good guy surviving miraculously. However, Bullet Train stands out from similar movies for the inclusion of different cultures, a unique cast of characters, and a well-written central theme about Fate.

We all know that action movies typically take place in a foreign country, with a charming, and funny protagonist who is also an expert in completing a mission fighting off other assassins. However, Bullet Train includes an abundance of assassins from different countries who have their own cultures and values when making decisions. Another important aspect of the movie is that it takes place inside this technologically-advanced mode of transportation in Japan’s big cities, and it becomes part of the thrill when characters must also fight against time, in addition to weapons. 

The characters in the film make the movie. Assassins with different cultural identities  and backstories all end up on the same bullet train in Japan. You will get to see The Wolf, played by Bad Bunny himself; Lemon & Tangerine, the twin British assassins: The Prince, a Russian female assassin; and The Hornet, a black female assassin. These different assassins represent mixed cultural values that lead them through different paths on the train, and show the audience all the different ways fate works in or against their favor, all while being hilarious and action packed.

In any movie, the side characters aren’t really that important to the plot, but in Bullet Train however, these side characters have a bigger purpose. All characters had enough screen time to become likable and share their comedic talents. My personal favorites were the British adopted twins, Lemon & Tangerine. Lemon compares friends and enemies to : “Thomas the Tank Engine” characters to determine their intentions, while Tangerine has anger issues and follows his job more seriously. What I love about them is that they show you the powerful love, trust , and affection that comes with a brotherly bond, no matter how much they make fun of each other, the arguments they have, and the trouble they get in.

The big message of this movie is how one can’t control fate. Fate in the movie either brings you luck, second chances, kills you, or gives you a chance for survival. The characters met their fates in different ways, but for me, it taught me that no one gets ahead of their destiny and no one knows what their fate will look like. 

In the end, this movie was more unique than any other comedy-action movie I’ve seen. It is a movie that anyone can enjoy and deserves the title “Funniest Action Movie in 2022”. Bullet Train is a straight 10/10 and I highly recommend it. Even if you’re not a fan of the action, you’ll be a fan of the comedy.