NHS Election: Starting Early

Aaron Jiang ’23

Sr. Barbara has been the long head and director of the National Honor Society here at Salesian High until two years ago when she retired. Ever since, Mr. Andrew Marinaccio ‘09, who also, at the time, runs the literary magazine, now the moderator and publisher here at the Spectator, willingly steps up to the responsibilities of this noble obligation of the St. John Bosco’s Chapter. During his first year, the election occurred around December. This year’s election for student leadership rolled right into action starting in September as Mr. Marinaccio gained valuable experience from last year as he prepared for a more successful year than even the last.

Members of the Honor Society had one week of time for nominations, where they vote for students whom they believe will be of great character and skills to lead our Chapter towards this new academic year. The top two most voted candidates in each category, president, vice-president, and secretary, will be given the opportunity to advocate and express their candidacy towards the chapter members. The president and vice-president positions are only limited towards seniors, while the secretary positions are only available towards juniors. 

On September, 26, 2022, the nomination results after the weekend were as follows: Aaron Jiang and Matthew Tirabosso for president; Timothy Nguyen and Justin Salgado for vice-president; Derek De La Hoz and Ibrahim Malik for secretary. On a side note, the secretary position’s nominations actually ended in a three-way tie, but Joey Roman IV decided to reject the nomination due to his busy schedule, already serving as the Secretary of the Student Council. 

The formal advocacy took place on September 30, 2022 as the Election Ballot was released on that same day after the math. Every candidate presented themselves in a marvelous manner: “It was very humbling…” said Moderator Marinaccio. He was very impressed and pleased with the manner that each candidate conducted themselves in. For example, although Matthew Tirabosso wasn’t physically present amid other service work he was in at the time, everybody was supportive and listened to what Matthew had to express in a respectful manner. 

The results of the election, after Moderator Marinaccio worked over the weekends to tally the votes, were as follows released by him on October 4, 2022: our newly elected president is Aaron Jiang; newly elected vice-president is Timothy Nguyen; Derek De La Hoz as our newly elected secretary. We would like to congratulate them, but, most importantly, wish them luck in their endeavors as the new officers as they assume to elevate the ambitions of the Honor Society to the next level.