Salesian’s Fauna

Quincy Morrison ‘26

Animals. Are. Great. That’s the main thing I have to say. Animals are some of the most beautiful creatures on this planet. Each one has something that makes them distinct, whether it’s their pattern, size, color, or even their personality. For example, squirrels are quite the organism. A lot of people don’t see squirrels as anything more than nut-munching fools, but they’ve got a lot going for them. Did you know that squirrels are actually more intelligent than you think? Plus, they don’t always pick up nuts they’ve buried in the past which grow into trees. Doesn’t that make you wonder? Considering scientists don’t even know, what if squirrels do that on purpose because there aren’t enough trees in an area?

Salesian is a visiting spot for a certain fauna. Other than birds and squirrels, you can spot deer frolicking around the field by the North stairwell. I got face-to-face with a deer a few weeks ago that just stared at me. Neither of us ran away or caused a stir, we just stood there while time stopped for just a moment. I had never been more fascinated by an animal than at that second. Finally, it looked away which gave me a chance to leave without disturbing its peace. Once I finally got out of the school, I saw that it had a whole family that was vegetating in the grass. 

Plants. Are. Great. I’m sure there are a lot of people who don’t know about Salesian’s greenhouse. Personally, I think that it might be the best part of this school. Although every plant I touch dies within a week, I still find a love for the flora around me. Just sitting in a field or by a tree can give me the sense of calmness that a 7 hour school day cannot.

Salesian has a lot of the trees and fields I mentioned before. It’s nice to look back at something that has been here longer than you and wonder, how did it get here? Everything tells a story. It could be short, very short, long, very long, or maybe even in between. The story may be all of the above and none of that at the same time. It also depends on how you interpret it. Maybe a happy story could be sad to you, or a sad story could be the most frustrating thing you’ve ever read in your entire life. That’s the great thing about flora and fauna, there is never one answer. They’re the most simple things, yet so complex that we take classes to understand what they are. That’s kind of what I love most about the beautiful world around us.

Not everyone develops a love for flora and fauna, and that’s completely okay. Others dedicate their whole life and soul just to be in the same room as a plant, and that’s completely okay too. I enjoy the two on a high level, but being around all that for too long can send my brain to the Moon. 


Plants. And. Animals. Are. Great.