The Brotherhood of Salesian: Big Brother Breakfast

Jacob Matos ‘23

In September during Oratory Day, the incoming freshmen were introduced to the Big Brothers of the 2022-2023 school year. We, the Big Brothers wanted the freshmen to know that we were there to guide them in their transition into high school, as our Big Brothers did for us. On October 14th, 2022, Salesian High School held its annual Big Brother Breakfast. The Big Brother Breakfast is an event that highlights the brotherhood and community that Salesian High School stands for. In fact, it was a bittersweet and nostalgic experience because I was in their shoes three years ago, and to be able to experience it from the “senior” perspective felt like a “full-circle moment”.

The objective of the Big Brother Breakfast is to solidify the bond between the freshmen and seniors. Also, to show the freshmen students that the Big Brothers are here for support, guidance, and friendship. The purpose of the Big Brother Program is to ensure that the freshmen have a comfortable transition from middle school to high school, and to get them acclimated to the new environment. The Big Brothers of Salesian High School do their best to make the Salesian experience inclusive and fun. My big brother helped me a lot in my freshman year, so I felt it was only fitting that I do the same. 

The Big Brother Program is beneficial to both the freshmen and seniors in many different ways. This program gives the opportunity for seniors to become a part of someone else’s journey in life, and become a mentor that provides guidance and advice. Additionally, it allows the seniors to contribute back into the school community. We, as Big Brothers are asked to step up and lead the underclassmen into becoming the best version of themselves, so that they may take our places when the time comes. Every freshman in Salesian High School at some point had a Big Brother who were tasked to look after them. I’m genuinely grateful for being able to be a part of this process, something that is bigger than me.