The Predictions of the NBA Season: The Progress of NBA teams

Matthew Pierpont ‘23

The NBA is back! Every fan of every team is so excited to see what their team has in store. The Golden State Warriors are ready to begin their season after winning their 4th title in 8 years, in hopes of a 5th. The Boston Celtics are wanting it more than ever, after losing to the Warriors in the NBA Finals, losing 4-2. All teams want the title more and more every season. Let’s talk about how teams will potentially come out. 

The Chicago Bulls have one dangerous backcourt with Lonzo Ball at the point guard position, Zach Lavine at the 2, Demar DeRozan as their star forward, and Alex Caruso coming off the bench as a fan favorite. They have a lot of potential and talent. Personally, I believe they should be the ones to make it out of the east, but there are other teams with an abundance of talent. For instance, The Philadelphia 76ers just acquired James Harden to pair up with Joel Embiid. The backcourt of this team wasn’t the best in their most recent seasons, especially Ben Simmons to be the one to pass up open dunks. However, Harden has always been a superstar, and he is going to fit well in Philly, potentially making it to the 2nd round, and possibly even further.

On the other hand, the Brooklyn Nets just gained a very tall point guard, Ben Simmons. He had started off with an amazing first couple seasons, but just went on a decline up until last season. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant are a dangerous duo as it is, but if you add someone with Ben’s size and potential, this team could get far in the run for the ring. His role with the Nets is going to be different this year, so he won’t be taught what he was taught on the 76ers, being a point guard. He is still a good defender and passer, so he is still to help this team a lot.