The Salesian High School Open House

Angelo Ledda ’24

On Saturday, October 22, 2022, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m Salesian High School held its annual Fall Open House. The Open House was a great opportunity for middle schoolers to get a full tour of Salesian High School and see all of the school’s attributes. During this tour, middle school students and their families were informed of what the Salesian community has to offer, and were given the chance to see the school’s campus. In addition, the tours were given by students who attend Salesian High School. This was great for people viewing the school because they were guided by students who go to the school and have an excellent understanding of everything that the community includes and provides.
Throughout the Fall Open House, the tour guides guided multiple families through the four pillars of Salesian High School. These vital pillars are Home, School, Parish, and Playground. Possible incoming freshmen and their families were informed about what these aspects mean, symbolize, and how they are shown in the Salesian community. Home is the most valued aspect of Salesian High School because the community treats its members like a family and truly cares for each individual. School is a pillar of Salesian because it provides great educational opportunities for students. Parish is another important part of Salesian because it shows how the school’s religious community holds Christian values and teachings as one of their primary characteristics. Lastly,  Playground is the final pillar of Salesian because it reveals how the community is a place where students can enjoy various activities to interact with one another, and still tend to their educational and religious obligations.

The Salesian High School Fall Open House also offered visitors the opportunity to meet some of the faculty, alumni, and administration alike. This was an amazing opportunity for the families to get a sense of who the teachers are and what type of personalities they have in direct experiences. Additionally, families had the potential to speak with the school’s leaders firsthand. The administration team and faculty provided any additional information that a tour guide was unable to answer to ensure that all visitors are knowledgeable of what the community has to offer and feel secure in the school’s environment. Overall, Salesian High School’s Fall Open House had students as tour guides who provided explanatory information to visitors, faculty and administration members present to further provide knowledge about the school and what it has to offer, and incoming freshmen and their families were able to gain a sense of the school and the aspects of our community.