A Way Salesian Gives

The Salesian High School Food Drive

Throughout November, Salesian High School has had a schoolwide food drive. During this drive, students would donate cans of food and money to help those in need for Thanksgiving. In order to persuade students to contribute, the school stated that once a homeroom class met its necessary number of cans desired they could dress-down up until the 18th, and that if the school met its total goal of 10,000 cans by the 18th then students will not have class on the Monday after Super Bowl weekend. Donating a can of food would count as 1 unit towards these goals and donating 1 dollar would count as half of a unit. The total goal was eventually met making this the shortest food drive to ever reach the net goal in the entire school’s history.

The given food had been put in the Salesian Chapel before being delivered. On the 18th, a select number of students had taken donated cans and loaded them into school buses. Some students helped with this after school hours while others from the Student Council volunteered to specifically help with this. Participants in the Student Council also volunteered to get on a bus and deliver the cans on the 21st. All of the food had been donated in order to help those in need for the Thanksgiving season making this a success for the Salesian community.

Salesian High School has helped many people this month. Everyone united together in order to bring food to those who are not the most fortunate. It was through the school’s positive attitude and kind rewards to students that persuaded many people to give cans of food to the needy. Due to the efforts of the Salesian community, many families will be able to have a meal this Thanksgiving with their loved ones. All in all, Salesian High School’s food drive was helpful to students, but also a blessing to those who are less fortunate than normal families.