Midterm Elections

Tristen Martinez ’25

The Midterm Elections have taken off on November 8, 2022. Every state has their results for governor. Even though according to a recent red state and blue state map from The Associated Press, only 3 states turned from blue to red in these senate elections. These 3 states include Nevada, Vermont, and New Hampshire. A some states did not have an election, but these midterm elections had made a great impact on the country. 

The results show that the Republican party has won the majority of the House of Representatives. This will have a great impact on the country, whether it is in a good or bad way. The Democratic party, however, won the Senate after  a win in Nevada.  A grave danger could arise with  Congress being split. According to the Washington Post, the Republicans winning the House already put a blow on President Biden’s agenda. Because of the split in Congress, there will most likely be power struggles to who will control the United States. 

Despite all the results being in, many people refuse to concede. One example is GOP candidate for governor Kari Lake. According to Politico.com, Kari Lake refused to concede as a way  to bring attention to voters of the idea that there may have been a problem with the printers of the ballots.  Kari Lake’s  refusal to concede, brought  tension to the Arizona race. This is only making the corruption in election integrity worse, as the candidate  did not receive  enough votes to win. This is how the Midterm Elections have turned out.