Salesian High School’s Annual Blood Drive

Matthew Pierpont ‘23

Salesian High School has teamed up with the New York Blood Center for another Blood Drive. Students volunteering are receiving 10 hours of community service for donating. Students have received a form to fill out in their email in order to be eligible to donate. Students  must be 16 years old or older in order to be able to donate. Students will enter Flaherty Hall, and go upstairs to the old gym. If they have a Blood Donor card, they will scan it and walk over to the laptops and answer a series of questions. Afterwards, they will wait in line to have their blood donated. After you have finished donating your blood, you sit down at a table with snacks and drinks, such as cookies and juice.

While some students might volunteer only because it is a graduation requirement, an excuse to skip class, or service hours they’ll earn, donating blood is so much more than that. This is about helping those in need, and being entrusted to give blood to those who need it. Helping people in any way should always be seen as something more than just gaining clout. It is something we should all follow, and set an example for those who don’t help for others’ benefits. Let’s stop having this mindset that we only help those for bragging rights, but that we help those because it’s the right thing to do. Whenever people do a good deed, they end up feeling better about themselves, and they continue doing it, so for those who do good deeds for clout, do it with passion, and you’ll want to  do it again.