The Process and Purpose of Student council

Jonathan Lopez

Salesian’s student council is an expansive apparatus, looking to benefit the student and faculty life spiritually and physically while initiating donation drives for those less fortunate. Leading the commission are nineteen student body elected officials ranging from homeroom representatives to the cabinet with the treasurer, secretary, vice president, and president.

Setup, initiate, and finalize

Elected officials have to fulfill their position that’s why they follow a process to institute solutions. Complaints or ideas from students are mentioned to members of the student council. During the meetings, ideas are discussed and the decision to pursue or discard the idea is made. Action is taken based on how essential the complaint or idea is; it’s discussed among the council to arrange a solution. Once the council decides how to pursue they move onto the initiation state. The president of the students will propose the idea of change to the administration and await their response. At the next meeting an answer is usually prepared, and depending on the answer the next stage is finalization. During this stage, an announcement to the students regarding the issue is done through AM Salesian.

Leadership In the council

The student council is a great way to show leadership, you are not only representing the students you are representing the school too. Having the student body entrust you with leading them and speaking on their behalf to the administration shows great leadership. Helping others is one of the most crucial aspects of leadership. A student council can provide opportunities for students to get involved in their schools and communities through service projects, giving them the chance to participate actively in a leadership experience unlike any other. Students gain experiences that emphasize responsibility, self-confidence, self-accomplishment, dedication, respect, and integrity from organizing and hosting worthwhile service projects.

Joining the student council: it is worth it

The student council may seem intimidating at first because you have the pressure of those who elected you with you. While it may also be time-consuming it is worth it because once your work is presented at the school you get the euphoric rush of knowing that you contributed to a school-wide event. You must remember when running to be humble and truthful, you should not make promises that you can not commit to.