The Remembrance of Mr. J by Watching Wakanda Forever As a School Community

Lucas Rojas ‘24

On November 11th, 2022, members of the Salesian High School (such as myself) community had the opportunity to watch the newly released marvel movie “Wakanda Forever”. This opportunity was all thanks to staff member Mr. Siefring as he rented out a whole theater for Salesian students to watch the newly released movie. This was an amazing opportunity and a lifetime experience that I will never forget.

 Firstly, the rented theater was full and the event ran smoothly. Secondly, the purpose of this event was a little overlooked by the community as a whole. The significance of the choice “Wakanda Forever” was to remember and most importantly honor Mr. J. I remember my freshman year, October 30th, 2020, Mr. J dressed up as black panther during the halloween event. I volunteered to help out at the event and the happiness he displayed coming out as the Black Panther was immaculate. The movie choice was no coincidence at all and the Salesian community didn’t fail to ignore it. Mr. J left a lot of memories in Salesian High School and he will forever be remembered in the Salesian community. We have had multiple events for Mr. J’s passing and our biggest one being a mass for him. However, the “Wakanda Forever” event was a great way to honor the legacy of Mr. J and all that he stood for in the Salesian Community. To conclude, the “Wakanda Forever” movie event was a great remembrance of Mr. J’s honor, legacy and remembrance of the Salesian Community, and the ultimate reminder of Mr. J.