Ukraine Update

Tristen Martinez ’25

It has been 9 months since the war between Russia and Ukraine started. The war continues to rage and is only getting more intense with winter being around the corner. Ukraine has warned its citizens of a harsh winter because of many destroyed nuclear plants and energy grids in many cities. Even though the war continues to intensify, Ukraine still continues its efforts against Russian attacks. According to CNN, it also is restoring  internet, power, heat, and water in the capital of Kyiv after a series of scrambles for repairs. The harsh weather is also making efforts a lot harder.

According to Aljazeera, snow is said to blanket Kyiv along with freezing temperatures until midweeks. This is only making things worse considering Russia is targeting power supplies to attempt to cut off all energy in Ukraine. Because of all this, the Biden administration scrambles to track $20 billion to Ukraine, according to Fox News.  There have also been  many efforts for peace by the residents of Russia.

According to CNN, many Russian mothers launched an anti-war petition on Russia’s Mother’s Day. This was also a demand for Russia to bring their husbands, brothers, and sons home rather than fight in Ukraine. We are seeing more and more attempts to finally put an end to the war as time moves on. It is uncertain if Russia’s economy will collapse. However, there are signs showing that the economy will be a lot weaker in 2023.

According to, Russia’s economy will most likely fall by 5.5% in 2023. The sanctions have weakened Russia’s stance as a world power, and are likely to be tightened later on. More tightened sanctions by the United States and Europe would apply more pressure on Russia to end the war. This is also considering that Ukraine is receiving aid from many countries. Here’s to hoping that the end of the war in Ukraine is nearly upon us.